To Celebrate, To Empower and to Promote

  1. To celebrate female entrepreneurship and creativity. We want to showcase the work done by women of African descent. Despite widespread of race and gender in recent years, women of African descent leadership have and continue to be systematically devalued. Femmes d’ Espérance breaks from that narrative and offers a platform where female entrepreneurship is showcased. Through examples of women who are already making an impact in society we want to also empower those who are yet to get involved. The latter is the other side of the coin in the sense that our first aim goes hand in hand with empowerment.
  2. To empower women and girls. Specially, we want to focus on leadership because it is fundamental to making any kind of societal change. Whether it is about changing mentalities or managing a project from conception to realisation, leadership is a must have skill. We want to encourage women to believe in their dreams and our desire is to see them act upon these dreams. Some may need further training while others may need to be connected with relevant partners. Whatever the means, our desire is to equip our members with the right tools to succeed.
  3. To promote innovation. In this 3rd decade of the 21st century businesswomen and leaders must find solutions to new kinds of problems. With increasing educated populations, consumers have become very elaborate in the types of products and services they want. What is more, the internet has opened the space for greater competition. This means that one must be innovative and think outside the box to find a spot on the market.