Get Involved

Get involved

We welcome all who share our vision to become members. However, membership is not a requirement to get involved. Please find out how you can help and let us know if you need more information.


Why become a member

    • Accountability partner: give your project a chance to succeed by making regular online appointments with a passionate woman who will encourage you to achieve your goal.
    • Promote your products and services
    • Get access to resources for start-ups and leadership
    • Join a network of passionate, professional and godly women
    • Becoming a member gives you access to our financial report.

How to become a membership

  • Registration : 29.99 CAD
  • Monthly contribution 4.99CAD (or 49.99CAD annual)

To register send email to [email protected]

Payment via Paypal, send to: [email protected]

You share our vision? Come work with us

  • Write blog posts: Share your experiences, your encouragements in writing by sending us your text (500-750words) or join our team of bloggers and write about diverse subjects relevant to women.
  • Make videos: Are you a great English communicator? You can do exactly that! Share your thoughts and encourage women through short videos that we will publish on all our social media outlets.
  • Bilinguism: We Urgently need English/French translators to join our editing team.


Give us the opportunity to bring change by making a donation. no seed is too small. Every penny goes a long way to impact, in a meaningful way, the lives of women.


Your likes, comments and shares mean the world to us. Help us let everyone know we are here to serve the community through women and girls empowerment. We write inspiring stories in our magazine and post regularly on social media. When you subscribe and follow, you help us a great deal.