Femmes d’ Espérance (Women of Hope) is a non-profit initiative that aims to serve people of African descent with a particular attention to women and girls.

  • Showcase the many talents of black women
  • Help women access the online market because those who will not be able to sell their products or services online risk losing their business
  • Support women who are still reluctant to embark on entrepreneurship
  • Offer Christian perspective to contemporary debates

Annual conference

Femmes d’Espérance intends to host an annual conference which brings together all our members and those who wish to join Femme d’Espérance.

Our staff works meticulously on a list of speakers who have the experience and competence in different aspects of entrepreneurship. Please check our event page for all conferences related questions.

Award for best business and not for profit initiative in 2021

The competition for 2021 award will open in August 2020. Candidates will have 3 months to enter the competition. The selected candidates have a chance to speak to our followers through all our online platforms.

Candidates are voted for through an online voting system.

The award ceremony is held at the end of Femmes d’Espérance annual conference in the following year.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, The AWARD for Best Business has been postponed to 2022